Wine Glass Holder
Wine Glass Holder
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Wine Glass Holder

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Vinstrip Glass Sling, cradle your wine glass for free hands enjoyment, it is a well thought-out relief at standing parties, garden parties, trade fairs, wine festival, wine tours etc. It protects your glass, you can not lose or mix it up. Both hands are always free to eat, take photos etc. This product comes with a protective cover that can be used in two ways: on top of the wine glass to protect your wine, at the back of the wine glass to prevent spillage on our clothes.
Vinstrip glass sling is practical, soft, lightweight store flat, re-usable, washable, multi-use, colourful, odourless, smart and fun.

Made in Italy from high quality Faux Leather fabric.

Manufacturer: Vinstrip Italia
Material : washable, thermoresistant, odorless, not toxic, lightweight and soft.
Capacity: 500 grams

Use: glass sling to wear around your neck, for hanging candles, flowers and much more.

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