Settle Petal Calming Coat soak (For Dogs)
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Settle Petal Calming Coat soak (For Dogs)

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Made By Bear and Kind Apawthecary

Does your dog have trouble staying calm? Anxiety? Reactive behaviours? This organic bath soak will help to relieve stress and anxiety, relax tight muscles, and leave your dog's coat soft and smelling fresh. Use as a bath soak by simply adding to bath or rinse water and wash your dog as usual.
Himalayan pink salt, bath salts, sweet orange essential oil, lavender essential oil, certified organic chamomile flowers.
Add a heaped tablespoon (two for bigger dogs) to bath or rinse water. No need to rinse off. Note: make sure to keep contents of packaging dry and sealed at all times... even a drop or two of moisture will cause spoilage if not used right away.

100 gram bag

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