Reusable Bamboo Make Up Remover Cotton Pads
Reusable Bamboo Make Up Remover Cotton Pads
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Reusable Bamboo Make Up Remover Cotton Pads

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Each unit has 10 double-sided pads.

What makes this product unique?

✔ Reusable.

✔ Three layers.

✔ Double-sided.

✔ Plastic-free packaging.

✔ Easily washable.

✔ Affordable.

This product is purely natural and plastic-free! It can be used for various purposes such as applying toner or as a make-up remover. It comes in 3 thick layers that make the pads last longer!

Ditch single-use cotton pads and get reusable ones that are good for the environment and for a better value! A pack comes with 10 double-sided reusable cotton pads. The pads are made from bamboo and are sustainable.

How to use
Wash gently after removing make-up or toner. Apply warm water to the pad and run until no stains visible.

You may also place the pads in a washing machine, they may shrink in size a bit using this method.

What's included
- 10 double-sided reusable bamboo cotton pads.

- Small mesh bag.

How long do they last?
With good care, they can last up to a year!

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