Kawaii Food 2 Vinyl Sticker Pack
Kawaii Food 2 Vinyl Sticker Pack
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Kawaii Food 2 Vinyl Sticker Pack

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Kawaii Food Sticker Pack

Our stickers are printed on commercial grade 80 micron vinyl using Eco solvent ink, which is scratch resistant and waterproof.  All our stickers are for indoor use on just about anything you can think of. Laptops, iPads, phones, PlayStation, Xbox and MORE. 

Sheet measurements - 14.6cm x 16.5cm

Why choose vinyl stickers....?
Vinyl stickers are tougher and more scratch, as well as weather resistant. Also, it is much harder to write on them or rub them off. Vinyl stickers also retain their colour better due to the stabilizers which are used to improve UV absorption. Vinyl stickers are also more durable since not only is it harder to tear them off but it is easier to wipe them clean. And when we tear them off it is easier to get them off in one piece. 

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